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Transformers Four

Since late 2011 Paramount Pictures Corporation started to shoot a new Transformers movie or even to kick off a whole new trilogy. Encouraged by enormous global success and high box-office grosses producers had enough experience to launch a new movie. Until recently these talks were mainly fans’ guess-work, but now when the official trailer was shown to public there is no doubt that soon we will witness new exhilarating battle of good versus evil on our silver screens.

The new flick promises to include incredible jaw dropping scenes shot with the use of the most innovative filming technologies. Although the Transformers Four cast is still unknown, high-end special effects will definitely remain one of the lead actors of the new movie. It is hard to imagine all those apocalyptic scenes without giant robots carnage, meticulous transformations and breathtaking sounds. The truly epic action will follow the continuity of events and will be definitely captured into a sophisticated plot, since one of the best Hollywood directors and producers are involved into its creation. Once in his interview, Michael Bay (the director of the three parts) said that he didn’t want the robots to look fake. He restricted the amount of computer generated effects and used new revolutionary technologies to animate bots and make them look alive and real as never.

The flabbergasting visual effects promise to outperform the previous TF movies and blow moviegoers minds completely. The insane scenes of the Transformers Four are a result of diligent animators, operators and graphic designers work. The idea is to make new movie bots not fresh off the showroom floor models, but real looking, detailed to the tiniest pieces machines. Computer graphics imagery (CGI) offered by ILM specialists will never disappoint the most demanding TF fans. For your information, each of the transformation scenes takes on average few months to be embodied and re-engineered.

TF4 is promised to be released in 2014. Transformers Four will definitely have robust box office figures. Be among the first to watch the new TF part.

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